Virtual Workshops


For Enterprise-Wide Results

The Connected Employee: 8 Competencies for Organizational Success
The Leaders’ Guide to Managing the Network-Oriented Workforce™
Great Connections: 8 Keys to Collaborating for Enterprise-Wide Results

Inside Networking: 

Uncork Bottlenecks and Get Things Done Cross-Functionally

Virtual Team Meeting

Networking: The Corporate Competency That Impacts the Bottom Line

For Business and Client Development

Bringing in The Business: Rainmaking Even in A Drought

Rain Making: Business Growth Through Networking

Make Your Practice More Profitable with Networking (for CPAs, attorneys, engineers, etc.) 


Building Strategic Connections  - How-to’s for Agents, Face-to-Face or Screen-to-Screen


You depend on your Agents’ skill in building a wide and deep circle of contacts.  And yet, research by Contacts Count LLC reveals that among professionals:

  • 68% say, I don’t know exactly WHO I need to have in my network.”

  • 61% say, “I don’t know WHAT to do to make a relationship more useful.”

  • 61% say, “I don’t know WHEN to ask questions to move a relationship forward.”


These dilemmas only get worse when people work remotely. The solution? Train your Agents to connect, converse, and collaborate whether working face-to-face or screen-to-screen.    

For Conference & Meetings

What to Say While Everybody Else Is Small Talking (mostly done at conferences) 

Make Your Contacts Count: 

How to Create, Cultivate, and Capitalize on Networking Opportunities


Strategic Connections: 

What Savvy Professionals Need to Know About Networking 

For Students, New Grads, and Career Development 


Savvy Networking for MBA Students (or any audience)

Networking from Scratch (for college students & new grads) 


For Mentoring Programs


Networking: The Key to Your Successful Mentoring Program (For Leaders and Managers) 



Personalized to meet your goals


Customized to your work culture



“The workshop was a huge hit! You unlocked the secrets of meeting, greeting, and nurturing networks and added so much value to our meeting.”      

                                         – Ann Marie Rosa, PricewaterhouseCoopers



“With in-depth knowledge about how to network and strategies to motivate participants to try new and better approaches, Contacts Count helps people establish meaningful connections in a huge corporation.” 

                               –  Beth Dumesco, Learning & Development, Lockheed Martin