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Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshop

For Enterprise-Wide Results

The Connected Employee: 8 Competencies for Organizational Success

Unconnected employees hurt your business. Watch how success grows when employees learn how to put the tools of networking to work in the service of enterprise-wide initiatives.

The Leaders’ Guide to Managing the Network-Oriented Workforce™

In the NOW you count on every employee to keep his or her eyes on the big picture.  In this Executive Overview of The 8 Networking Competencies you’ll see how the skills build the kind of trust that fosters cross-functional collaboration and leads to enterprise-wide results.   

Great Connections: 8 Keys to Collaborating for Enterprise-Wide Results

Pleas from the C-Suite for more collaboration won’t get the job done. Instead, teach employees how to use the tools of trust-building. People who master the 8 Keys are engaged. They know how to seek internal and external relationships that ensure your business stays on the cutting-edge.      

Inside Networking: 

Uncork Bottlenecks and Get Things Done Cross-Functionally

Pleas from the C-Suite for more collaboration won’t get the job done. Instead, teach employees how to use the tools of trust-building. People who master the 8 Keys are engaged. They know how to seek internal and external relationships that ensure your business stays on the cutting-edge.      


Networking: The Corporate Competency That Impacts the Bottom Line

Networking has come of age.  What used to be thought of as a career or job-finding skill, is now recognized as a corporate competency.  Why put people in the boat and not give everybody an oar?  Teach people state-of-the-art skills to not only get their job done, but also to create enterprise-wide results.  


For Business and Client Development

Bringing in The Business: Rainmaking Even in A Drought

Lean times can happen in any business.  But once you’ve learned how to connect, converse, and collaborate you and your firm can weather the storms. These skills make you and your firm the natural and only choice when opportunity arises.  


Rain Making: Business Growth Through Networking

Networking know-how is a learned skill.  Anyone can attract more referrals and clients with state-of-the-art skills described in The 8 Networking Competencies.  These are natural, easy-to-learn strategies for connecting and conversing that you’ll wish you’d had when back when you started your career.        


Make Your Practice More Profitable with Networking (for CPAs, attorneys, engineers, etc.) 

Boost the results your associates are getting by helping them master networking skills early in their careers.  Why put people in the boat and not give everybody an oar?  Even people who weren’t born with the gift of gab can learn to use these practical tools to attract referrals and clients. 

Businss & Client Developmet

Building Strategic Connections  - How-to’s for Agents, Face-to-Face or Screen-to-Screen

The COVID-19 pandemic is sending shock waves rippling through the economy, especially the real estate world.  The impact on your Agents and your Agency is bound to be significant as you adjust to widespread disruptions to your business and personal life. 



You depend on your Agents’ skill in building a wide and deep circle of contacts.  And yet, research by Contacts Count LLC reveals that among professionals:

  • 68% say, I don’t know exactly WHO I need to have in my network.”

  • 61% say, “I don’t know WHAT to do to make a relationship more useful.”

  • 61% say, “I don’t know WHEN to ask questions to move a relationship forward.”


These dilemmas only get worse when people work remotely. The solution? Train your Agents to connect, converse, and collaborate whether working face-to-face or screen-to-screen.    

For Conference & Meetings

What to Say While Everybody Else Is Small Talking (mostly done at conferences) 

Just think of the time and money spent going to conferences and networking events!  Get a return on your investment when you learn how to avoid those “Ho hum,” boring, “how long do I have to stay” conversations.   Instead learn how to ask good questions, answer “What do you do?” in ways that start a conversation and build trust, and how to choose topics that that uncover needs and opportunities.    


Make Your Contacts Count: 

How to Create, Cultivate, and Capitalize on Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re in the same room or connecting remotely, one skill that leads to success is networking.  Comfortable and competent connecting is a learned skill.  Use field-tested tools and strategies for building productive business and career relationships.    

Conference & Meetings

Strategic Connections: 

What Savvy Professionals Need to Know About Networking 

Networking is not about talking and taking; it’s about teaching and giving.  Get much more intentional about what you want to teach people and what you have to give.   Learn the skills that will teach people what to come to you for, what you’re good at, and what to count on your for. 


For Students, New Grads, and Career Development 


Savvy Networking for MBA Students (or any audience)

Master the skills that will help you land a better job faster or find that perfect internship.  Even in this digital world, 70 plus percent of all jobs are still found through personal connections. Whether you’re in the same room, or talking remotely, these skills will help you remember names, teach your name, answer “What do you do?”, ask questions that uncover opportunities, be strategic at networking events, handle awkward moments, and end conversations with the future in mind.      


Networking from Scratch (for college students & new grads) 

Think you don’t have a network?  Think again!  Learn how to identify people who can help you – relatives, neighbors, coaches, teachers, and even community leaders.  From “Hello” to “Goodbye,” you’ll learn what to say and do to show your Character and Competence, so people just naturally want to help you.    

Students, New Grads & Career

For Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs

Networking: The Key to Your Successful Mentoring Program (For Leaders and Managers) 

More Info

Both Mentor and Mentee will learn The 8 Networking Competencies – practical, state-of-the art skills in how to connect, converse, and collaborate.  Your Mentees will use the skills to cultivate contacts who can help them reach their next goal.  Your Mentors will use the skills to help Mentees build trust-based relationships, solve typical networking dilemmas, and avoid being too pushy . . . or too passive.   

O&O & Corp.


Personalized to meet your goals


Customized to your work culture



“The workshop was a huge hit! You unlocked the secrets of meeting, greeting, and nurturing networks and added so much value to our meeting.”      

                                         – Ann Marie Rosa, PricewaterhouseCoopers



“With in-depth knowledge about how to network and strategies to motivate participants to try new and better approaches, Contacts Count helps people establish meaningful connections in a huge corporation.” 

                               –  Beth Dumesco, Learning & Development, Lockheed Martin

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