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Comprehensive Assessments you can Trust

Leadership development aligns your talent with business strategies to optimize organizational success.

Leadership development aligns your talent with business strategies to optimize organizational success.

Leadership development aligns your talent with business strategies to optimize organizational success.

Systematic approach to dealing with the transformation of the organization goals and processes.

Help organizations map, access, and develop future leaders. 

Proven Methods and Research-Based Data to Assess and Develop Leaders 

Internal Career Management programs build internal talent pipelines and improves employee engagement and retention.

Translate your business strategy into a talent strategy

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Comprehensive Assessments you can Trust

Our Comprehensive Assessment Services provide our client organizations with increased confidence and effectiveness in their recruitment, promotion, professional development, and organizational development strategies. At the same time, using employee and organizational assessments significantly decreases the risk of making bad decisions with respect to individuals or organizational initiatives. Our assessment expertise enables us to provide you with crucial insights into the leadership qualities, competencies, skills and traits of individuals so that you can make the best decisions.

New Hire and Employee Evaluation

Many employers rely on a subjective approach to hiring or promoting influenced by their own personal preferences, often leading to conflict on the right path forward. Managers may often rely on gut feelings derived almost exclusively from the interview process. Not surprisingly, most new hires depart after three years — over ⅔ leave within the first 12 months because of poor fit. Our assessment practice supports crucial decisions in the following areas:

·       New Hires

·       Promotions/Succession Planning

·       Performance Appraisal/Management

·       Career Management/Development 

·       Executive Coaching 

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Organizational Assessments

Leading organizations understand that to be successful, a focus on leadership development, employee engagement, and organizational culture is critical. Understanding the state of these areas is essential to developing and implementing effective strategies to ensure organizational success. Career Partners International - Austin can help you gain better insight into the following areas: 

·       Culture

·       Engagement

·       Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Hiring the Right Candidate

We provide assessments to analyze individual strengths and weaknesses while highlighting differences. We tailor our approach using the very best measurements to predict each individual’s future job performance. Our tools can assess leadership style, attitudes, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, analytical ability, conflict resolution, and more.

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Focused Office Workers

Performance Appraisal and Management

Our multi-source feedback assessment process can help you determine your highest performing employees and the ones that may need further development or training. We are here to facilitate the process and assist with performance appraisals without ever compromising on quality or integrity.

Leadership Development

Increasing self-awareness is the foundation of a successful coaching experience. Our assessments help executives and senior managers confirm their strengths and identify opportunities for development. Our analysis forms the basis of the individual’s development plan — the roadmap for an effective coaching intervention.

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Culture Assessment

Our cultural assessment report provides an overall snapshot of your organization’s current culture as viewed by employees, as well as details about the alignment between your current and preferred organizational culture and about the consistency of how your organization’s culture is viewed among employees.

With a greater understanding of current organizational culture, leadership is better able to make strategic decisions around how to best move forward to ensure cultural alignment and achieve organizational success. 

Promotions and Succession Planning

Assessments provide an objective view of an individual’s strengths and opportunities as well as insights into their characteristics such as personal style, values, and motivators. Through our assessment process, you can better predict your team members’ future performance and create the best plan to help them develop.

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Career Progression

We believe that in order to build an effective career plan, an individual must have access to objective information about their attributes and characteristics. With our assessment tools, employees get what they need to make informed choices about their careers. The result is enhanced confidence which in turn leads to greater engagement, productivity, and performance.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a personal matter for each individual. To significantly increase employee engagement you need to understand the passions, motivations, and expectations of the individual. Our Individual Employee Engagement Assessment maps the individual employee's passions, motivations, expectations and the degree to which their expectations are perceived to be already being fulfilled.

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Leadership Academy

Leadership development aligns your talent with business strategies to optimize organizational success.

Leadership Academy

At Career Partners International - Austin, we provide a comprehensive range of proven leadership development programs to improve communication, performance, engagement, commitment, accountability and trust. As a result, your organization achieves technical, cultural and managerial alignment from your workforce.

Each CPI leadership development program is tailored to your specific needs for optimal relevancy, impact and sustainability. Participants acquire the ability to navigate strategic and cultural changes, creating a transparent, respectful, accountable and growth- oriented environment for both employees and leaders along with the strategic intent to develop future leaders.

“A good leadership development program can elevate the capability of leaders who have been in their roles for just one to two years to a level comparable to leaders who have been in their roles 10 years or more.”

– The Conference Board and Development Dimensions International

  “44% of managers say they felt unprepared for their role; 87% of front-line supervisors wished they had more training before becoming a  manager.”


– Grovo’s 2016 Research Study on the State of Management Development

Leadership development goals

  • Alignment with goals, styles and culture

  • Build brand and customer experience

  • Delivering new products or services

  • Improving cost containment, operational efficiency and profitability

  • Managing a multicultural, multi-generational and virtual workforce

  • Develop ability to verbally inform, persuade and motivate

  • Improving customer loyalty and retention


Leadership Team Building and Development


High performance teams share common objectives, commitment, accountability and trust, skills which should be developed by design, not chance. By collaborating with Career Partners International, organizations can strategically align people and business strategies through an outcomes-based approach, summarized below.


Data gathering and diagnostic assessments

  • Tools backed by 40 years of research on team effectiveness

  • Determining current state of team leadership

  • Clarifying goals, purpose, culture, conflicts and communication

  • Helping assess, define and develop team leadership benchmarks

  • Identifying metrics and milestones for team success

  • Providing a clear plan for accomplishment of outcomes


Team leadership sessions

  • Develops a team-based mindset, shared ownership and accountability

  • Builds collaboration on strategic solutions

  • Addresses issues as a united body

  • Increases communication and trust

  • Produces management reports of session successes 


Individual and team follow-ups

  • Determines methods for leveraging successes throughout organization

  • Implements ongoing team follow-ups to ensure long-term success

  • Identifies opportunities for further team and individual development

High Potential Leadership Coaching

Emerging leaders, sometimes referred to as “high potentials,” live in the top 3-5% of an organization. Known for their drive, learning agility and capacity, innovative focus and social intelligence, high potential employees thrive on expanding their contributions with every assignment. Companies that invest in developing these leaders reap the benefits for organizational success and improved employee retention.


Development of high potential leaders focuses on:

  • Adaptability and resilience

  • Amplified self-awareness and learning agility

  • Communicating for influence

  • Effectively collaborating to spark innovation

  • Navigating through business turbulence

  • Harnessing strategic thinking and creativity

  • Leveraging skills in one area towards a broader role

  • Becoming a transformational leader

  • Increased scope of leadership ability

    • Personal leadership

    • Team leadership

    • Organizational leadership

    • Strategic leaders

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Change Management

Change is both natural and necessary for continued personal and organizational growth. Career Partners International offers a full range of change management programs to help individuals, teams and leaders better understand, accept and lead ongoing change within their organizations.

Change Management

Our Approach

Organizations don’t change, people do. Moving people to change starts with winning hearts and minds. Our people-centered approach supports the entire change journey from “thinking there”, to “getting there”, to “living there”.

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Change Management Components

  • Proactively addressing the human side of change

  • Leadership setting the example for others

  • Justifying the needs and benefits of change

  • Creating accountability and ownership

  • Communicating the message

  • Assessing ongoing acceptance

Change Management Benefits

  • Increased organizational agility

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Workforce alignment with ongoing change

  • Reduced employee turnover

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Succession Planning

 Sustaining competitive advantage, ensuring ongoing operations and minimizing the impact of unexpected departures require organizations to continually develop their leadership teams. Career Partners International - Austin helps organizations strategically map, assess and develop the abilities of their present and future leaders. With proven tools and tailored development plans, we help you develop tomorrow’s leaders today.

Succession Planning

Career Partners International - Austin provides a proven succession development program that includes the following phases:


Discovery, design and develop succession plan

  • Clarification of strategic business objectives

  • Identification of organizational structure and critical roles

  • Inclusion of key C-suite and Human Resources stakeholders

  • Definition of success profiles and competency mapping

  • Individual skills evaluation and position assessments

  • Identification of career ladder paths

  • Prioritize gaps in talent/skills pool

  • Create strategic development plans


Deliver succession plan

  • Creation of tailored training materials

  • Communication plans

  • Identification of participant development roadmaps

  • Implementation of ongoing development training

  • Ongoing reporting against outcomes


Evaluate progress

  • Conduct ongoing review meetings

  • Tailor development plans as necessary

  • Implement individual coaching services as necessary

  • Produce ongoing management reports

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Career Partners International - Austin tailors each program to meet the goals, culture and leadership style of each organization for maximum results.

The proven approach and phases followed by CPI are summarized below.

High potential coaching sessions

  • Topics can include:

    • Personality and the workplace

    • Effective communication

    • Building teams and trust

    • Influence without authority

    • Leveraging personal productivity

    • Managing your career

  • Methods can include:

    • Group sessions

    • Learning symposiums

    • Short-term stretch assignments

    • Senior executive mentoring

  • Allows for immediate application of learned skills

  • Measures demonstrated skills against success metrics

Post-session analysis

  • Pre-and-post testing against competencies or skills

  • Session evaluations

  • Participant engagement and learned skills retention

  • Determination of “ready now” candidates

Discovery and design

  • Enumerates high potential organizational goals and objectives

    • Role modeling behavior

    • Geographic mobility

    • Experience, desire and commitment

    • Senior management sponsorship

  • Identifies competencies and success metrics

  • Interviews and assesses each participant

  • Clarifies the scope and length of the program

  • Develops an Action Learning Plan

Young Business Colleagues

Private Equity Services

Private Equity Services

Career Partners International – Austin has joined with Keystone Partners to offer a complete suite of talent management solutions that deliver results to Private Equity and Venture Capital clients in the Austin Area. 

This integrated approach, along with our deep expertise, is what our client’s value and why the majority of our private equity engagements represent repeat business and long-term relationships. We serve private equity firms that acquire a majority interest in businesses with typically $3-30 million in EBITDA at the time of acquisition and work across all major industries, including manufacturing, distribution, business services, tech-enabled services, consumer products, healthcare services, oil and gas, infrastructure and consumer services.

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Trusted Partners With Deep Expertise 


With a focused investment thesis, your portfolio company leadership is key to achieving your investment expectations. Our Private Equity team has partnered with lower-mid to mid-market private equity firms for more than 30 years. We understand the skills and behaviors that successful portfolio company leaders need to drive top quartile investment returns. Our leadership development experts are ready to assess, onboard and develop executives who will quickly focus on priorities that impact results and maximize shareholder value. We analyze and navigate delicate, complex dynamics during or after an acquisition to help ensure your leaders and teams are performing at their highest levels.

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Private Equity

click on PDF icon to download 

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Private Equity Playbook 

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Internal Career Management

Internal Career Management

Internal career management programs build internal talent pipelines and improves employee engagement and retention

Helping employees understand and navigate career options and opportunities within your organization increases retention and organizational effectiveness as well as enhances your attractiveness as an employer.

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If you are not attending to the internal career development path needs of your employees, consider that:

·       87% of millennials and 69% of others rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important in a job. (Gallop, 2016)

·       Retention is 3x higher when employees see opportunity for career growth. (CCI Consulting, 2018)

Nine in 10 employees are open to new career opportunities and 67% might be actively seeking them right now. (LinkedIn, 2017)

CPI Austin provides a variety of scalable and customizable approaches that help organizations encourage and support internal career development programs. As a leading full-service human capital management firm, we bring our extensive knowledge and practical expertise to develop and grow your workforce inside your organization rather than leaving their development up to chance or waiting until they leave to take advantage of opportunities for growth and development at another organization.

How CPI Austin helps employers provide career development paths

We work with organizations to implement customized, internal career development programs that provide the structure, time, and resources for employees to engage in a reflective career exploration. Our career path planning offers employees the chance to make the right decisions to successfully achieve their goals.

When supporting our client’s needs, our internal career development program includes:

·       Group or Individual Programs that provide a forum for career exploration to help your workforce grow with the organization. Our career path planning programs can be designed to address the needs of those who are early, mid, or late-career. Content and approach is customized to align with organizational culture, goals, and internal resources

·       Individual Career Coaching as it is ideal for the high potential employee and an outstanding retention tool. Clients find one-on-one coaching to be a valuable approach for helping employees identify their potential and effective exploration where they can best grow and maximize their contribution within the organization.


The Business Impact of Internal Career Development

Addressing and supporting your employees’ desire for ongoing growth and development creates an environment where employees demonstrate greater commitment to team and organizational goals and drive their own performance. They are also more likely to innovate, share what they know and coach others, exhibit stronger customer service, and maintain a positive outlook.

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Workforce Planning and Strategy Alignment

Workforce Planning

Translate your business strategy into a talent strategy


An organization’s ability to achieve its business strategy is predicated on mobilizing the talent required to successfully execute the strategy. The people side of the equation may well be the single most important element that differentiates an organization from the competition. Talent is critical to business continuity, so aligning the people strategy with business strategy is a key business imperative in strategic workforce consulting.

Workforce planning and strategy alignment

CPI- Austin helps organizations identify clear outcomes. Our role is not to provide a pre-designed strategic planning solution, but rather to understand and create people processes and approaches that align with organizational goals.

Creating a talent strategy that aligns with the business strategy helps to smooth succession planning, increases the organization’s ability to respond to growth opportunities, and improves the overall performance of the organization.

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cpi website photo.png

Our workforce planning and strategy alignment services will provide you with the information you need to answer the following questions:

  • Where are we today?

  • Where do we need to be?

  • What is missing?


By answering these questions, you will be able to strengthen your team, your processes, and your organization as a whole.

We believe the following principles should guide decisions about organizational design and talent development:

  • Organizational structure needs to facilitate accomplishment of the organization’s purpose and objectives by focusing attention on the key priorities.

  • Structure and systems should be as simple as possible while effectively supporting decision making, planning, and performance monitoring.

  • Roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined and accountabilities should be clearly established.


Assessing what you need to do to get to where you want your business to be


We have been helping small, mid-sized, and large companies for over thirty years. Contact us today to learn how our strategic workforce consulting and strategy alignment services will benefit your organization.


All assignments are relationship – based and focus on medium to long-term goals. CPI - Austin delivers a flexible and measurable solutions, matched to the requirements of the assignment. 

Expertise and Commitment

The deep expertise, strong commitment and impressive array of knowledge tools enable our team to deliver sustainable and lasting business solutions to clients. We combine these strengths with broad business experience and multicultural skill-sets to deliver unique human capital solutions which exceed client expectations.

Competitive Advantages

  • Customized assignments tailored to the requirements of the client.

  • Our seasoned consultants draw upon in‐ depth and broad industry backgrounds and over two decades of business and consulting expertise.

  • Personally-developed relationships with key executives at companies, government agencies, venture capital groups and universities worldwide.


Unique Proven Methodologies

The CPI - Austin consultants are leading-edge specialists dedicated to providing best practices and innovation solutions. We accomplish this through understanding and engaging in a client’s business and by crafting focused, multi-faceted solutions to achieve their objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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