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Career Partners International – Austin has joined with Keystone Partners to offer a complete suite of talent management solutions that deliver results to Private Equity and Venture Capital clients in the Austin Area. 

This integrated approach, along with our deep expertise, is what our client’s value and why the majority of our private equity engagements represent repeat business and long-term relationships. We serve private equity firms that acquire a majority interest in businesses with typically $3-30 million in EBITDA at the time of acquisition and work across all major industries, including manufacturing, distribution, business services, tech-enabled services, consumer products, healthcare services, oil and gas, infrastructure and consumer services.

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Private Equity

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Trusted Partners With Deep Expertise 


With a focused investment thesis, your portfolio company leadership is key to achieving your investment expectations. Our Private Equity team has partnered with lower-mid to mid-market private equity firms for more than 30 years. We understand the skills and behaviors that successful portfolio company leaders need to drive top quartile investment returns. Our leadership development experts are ready to assess, onboard and develop executives who will quickly focus on priorities that impact results and maximize shareholder value. We analyze and navigate delicate, complex dynamics during or after an acquisition to help ensure your leaders and teams are performing at their highest levels.

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Private Equity Playbook 

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