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 PowerAmp   Coaching 


Coaching for the whole organization, effective and economical

Amplified by LeaderAmp™

Career Partners International - Austin has partnered with LeaderAmp™ to offer their award-winning software platform that combines the benefits of coaching expertise with the latest science and technology to improve the impact of coaching and reduce risk, driving true ROI and measurable improvement at scale. When focused on solving key business challenges, can you afford for coaching investments not to pay off?


Solving Challenging Business Problems

Every organization today is experiencing unprecedented challenges. Coaching is one of the few ways that companies can help leaders and individual contributors solve truly intractable and complex problems. But traditional coaching models are needlessly risky because they don’t have effective enough ways to support a client in between sessions. Worse, organizations that manage coaching often are not aware when one or more global engagements are derailing.


PowerAmp™ Coaching  is one of the most effective ways to develop leaders and is a key component in helping your organization reach its corporate goals. Whatever your desired business outcome—diversity, uncovering talent, or pure performance improvement—coaching can have a direct and measurable impact, including an average 28% increase in leader behaviors on the job and a 20% boost in job performance. PowerAmp™ Coaching brings development to the next level with:

  • 24/7 – 365 Accessibility for Clients and Participants.

  • Configurable with customized content to provide a look, feel, and messaging familiar to your team.

  • Scalable to meet the demands of organizations of all sizes. From teams of 10 to groups of over 1000, PowerAmp™ Coaching delivers high quality professional development to any size company.

  • Scientifically proven and validated methodology ensures that all activities are grounded in logic and result in marked improvements.

  • Cutting edge artificial intelligence gives each participant daily guidance to continue improving and helps coaches and stakeholders identify which participants need additional support.

  • 18 Dimensions of Development allow participants to identify and target those areas that will most markedly improve their performance.


CPI-Austin’s PowerAmp™ Coaching  is the only solution on the market that combines globally experienced coaches with true Artificial Intelligence to enhance and track the progress of coaching programs. Crucially, this solution includes artificial intelligence that drives learning between sessions, helping coaches support participants when they are not together and

encouraging accountability for progress.

High Tech / High-Touch

PowerAmp™ Coaching extends the coaching relationship into the participants’ daily lives with timed practice prompts, consistent journaling, and dashboards at every level. No longer are coachees only held accountable in face to face meetings. For the first time ever, organizations have full transparency of the status in all programs and coaching engagements globally, ensuring greater levels of success.

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PowerAmp™ Coaching includes:

• CPI Coaches Certified in the LeaderAmp™ Method, proficient in tech enabled and virtual coaching

• 18 dimensions of leader potential and performance

• Computer-Adaptive self and 360 assessments that are unbiased, precise, and accurate

• Proprietary assessments to measure, and remeasure, participant strengths

• Time Trial sessions to identify dedicated participants with the most potential

• Award-winning AI:

• eCoaching prompts to help participants practice in-between sessions

• EmotionMetric AI helps coaches track the mix of participant sentiment

• Nurture Note reminders for well-wishers to help support participants

PowerAmp™ Coaching   offers high-quality coaching that scales worldwide to optimize your investment across large numbers of participants. This approach yields higher success rates than others because we give each client visibility to all programs, and each coach knows exactly which participants are on and off-track at all times.

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