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You’re Doing it Wrong With Mark Henderson Leary, Phil Walker & Angela Shaw - Podcast


EPISODE SUMMARY Phil Walker is the Managing Partner for Career Partners International - Austin, a human capital management strategy firm that works globally. No stranger to hard work success and winning, to he extraordinary career began as a member of the 1978 NBA World Champion Washington Bullets. 2nd round, 40 games, rookie year, on a team that took the world championship. He is a father, entrepreneur, a fierce competitor, and a black man. Angela Shaw is a teacher of good HR, and a volunteer HR leader. She views her servant leadership as the path to her legacy in HR. Angela believes herself to be a poster child for the underrepresented and puts her self in the publish eye to serve those people not otherwise seen. She is currently the Vice President of Human Resources at Campus Advantage D&I Advocate, a TEDx + Public Speaker and a Volunteer Leader. She is an advocate, a disrupter, and a black woman.

EPISODE NOTES In today's episode, I am joined by Phil Walker and Angela Shaw to discuss a subject that is both sensitive and important at the same time. We talk about how it feels like being ambitious, capable, entrepreneurial, driven, and black in the US right now. We'd like to believe that America has come a long way in terms of equality and opportunities, but in light of the events that transpired last month, a lot of people who think racism doesn't exist or isn't a big deal, and there are opportunities that come easier to us compared to our black counterparts. GET IN TOUCH: Mark Leary: Phil Walker:  Angela Shaw:  Production credit: Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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