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The Connected Employee: 8 Competencies for Organizational Success

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Unconnected employees can hurt your business. They lack the skills to build effective business relationships, both inside and outside your company. Too often connecting, conversing, and collaborating are overlooked and underestimated professional competencies. Coping with the Pandemic only makes relationships more fragile and highlights the need for more skill.

Well-connected employees get off to a faster start as new hires, are more productive, and are more successful as managers. They make better informed decisions because they routinely stay in touch with multiple stakeholders. They are skilled in making their expertise known so it can be used. That visibility brings more career advancement opportunities directly to them. Well-connected employees are key players in The NOW (The Network-Oriented WorkplaceTM).

Here are the benefits your organization will gain once your employees have experienced this 2.5-hour training. Their new relationship building skills will help them

· Uncork bureaucratic bottlenecks

· Get the job done faster by having access to hard-to-find information

· Pull together the right talent to solve problems as they emerge

· Stay tuned in to the big picture, rather than constrained by their cubicles

· Collaborate to create enterprise-wide results

· Build cross-functional alliances that help eliminate the “it’s not my job” syndrome

· Create KeyNets – strategically-chosen Nets designed to achieve specific, short-term goals

Whether you’re a master networker or a novice, the confidence and competence you’ll feel knowing these skills, will help you – and your organization – succeed for years to come. This 2.5-hour interactive webinar will give you skills in how to:

· Develop a positive and robust view of yourself in the roles you play in the lives of other people

· Advance through the 6 Stages of Trust-Building in any relationship

· Figure out a good next step to take when you want more relationship

· Understand how Trust is broken . . . and how to restore it

· Apply the tools and behaviors that increase the likelihood of likeability

· Assess your internal network using 12 key questions

· Build network capacity in your WorkNet, OrgNet, ProNet, and LifeNet

· Create KeyNets to get projects done or solve any problem

· Remember names - - and teach them yours (and what to do if you forget a name)

· Answer "What do you do?" in a way that shows your character and competence and starts a memorable conversation

· Make conversations flow by steering small talk to uncover resources and opportunities

· Know people who can aid you in shepherding your ideas and initiatives through the system

· Ask good questions that involve and engage others

· Teach people how to use your expertise, what to count on you for

· Build a network that is diverse with regard to age, gender, function, rank, geography, culture, etc.

· Know what to do and say in a variety of professional situations

· End conversations with the future in mind

Your Instructor is an expert at appealing to different learning styles and keeping you engaged. She’ll guide you through short lecturettes, self-assessments, written exercises, chat room discussions, examples, Q & A, and small group work via Zoom.



Watch a 3.21 minute video

“6 Ways Unconnected Employees Hurts Your Business”

Listen to a 15 minute audio podcast

by ATD based on excerpts from our article

“Uncovering The Unconnected Employee”

Career Partners International - Austin and Contacts Count LLC invite you to enroll your employees in our unique and interactive webinar. In the box below we’ve provided the announcement you can send to generate their excitement and commitment about what they will learn at the October 14th virtual class.

The Connected Employee: 8 Competencies for Organizational Success Invitation Letter


Lynne Waymon is an internationally known expert on networking and building business relationships. In keynotes and training programs she gives corporate, government, association, medium-sized businesses, and university clients practical strategies for networking, collaborating, and alliance building. Her strategies, in print and in person, on how to become the natural and only choice when opportunity arises, are recognized as state-of-the-art.

Lynne’s eighth book, co-authored with 3 partners, is a hardback entitled Strategic Connections: The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World. (Harper Collins Leadership). She’s also the co-author of The Networking Competency Assessment, an online test that measures skill in The 8 Networking Competencies.

Recent clients include the Bristol-Myers Squibb, KPMG, Heery International, Price waterhouse Coopers, eBay, Corning, KPMG, Booz-Allen, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Care Kinesis, Corning, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, VSE Corporation, Decorating Den, the Tri-State Women Entrepreneur’s Expo, and numerous associations such as The National Association of Home Builders, the Society of Women Engineers, the Consumer Electronics Association, the American Institute of Architects, and the National Business Incubation Association.Her government clients include 2 intelligence agencies, U.S. Departments of State, Health & Human Services, NASA, Commerce, and Navy, the National Institutes of Health, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The Well-Connected Employee:

8 Networking Competencies That Lead to Organizational & Career Success

(Screen-to-Screen and Face-to-Face)

Wednesday, October 14th at 9:00 - 11:45am CDT

The price for the Webinar:


Group Rate: $175/person (3 people or more) Registration ends on Friday, October 9th. Contacts Count Early Bird Registration Special: $179.00/person. Must register by September 18, 2020.


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