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Strategic Compliance

Strategic Business Partner with PRISM Compliance Management

Let’s talk about it………!

Supplier diversity compliance requirements can be confusing or intimidating, especially for a company that is new to federal contracting. However, the secret to compliance is really the secret to any successful supplier diversity program: Establish realistic goals and maintain accurate tracking of your diverse suppliers and your diverse spend.

Supplier data is constantly changing. Mergers and acquisitions, ownership changes, and other factors can affect a supplier's diversity status. Data enrichment services can help you track certification or classification status in order to mitigate risk and maintain the integrity of your diverse spend when preparing government reports.

Contracting with the federal government can be an advantage for your company, propelling you toward your growth goals, but you must be prepared for supplier diversity compliance requirements. Choosing the right tools for your supplier diversity program will ensure that you meet—and exceed—those requirements.

Career Partners International Austin is a strategic business partner with PRiSM Compliance Management, the most comprehensive contract compliance and diversity management system on the market. PRiSM is a secure, web-based portal that tracks your organization's contract spending while producing your corporate, federal, state, and local program reports. PRiSM’s flexible configuration facilitates both private, federal, and custom diversity program management.

We’re inviting you (and your team) working on D/M/W/SBE initiatives to register for our complimentarySupplier Diversity Compliance Management Initiative Program! There is no obligation or cost to you!

Take a peek!

The most comprehensive contract compliance and diversity management system in the market!

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Here's how it works:

Step 1 – Complete our Compliance Management Assessment Survey (to prepare for an informative presentation/demonstration, we are interested in gaining more insight on current initiatives and processes).

Step 2 - Attend the CPI Austin/PRiSM Presentation and Demo (90 minutes)*

Some of the general areas to be discussed include: Vendor Management; Contract Management; Compliance Management; Certification Management; and Labor Management.

Step 3 - Engage in PRiSM Compliance Software 3-6 Month Trial

*In addition to these areas, PRiSM has other capabilities including, but not limited to: Outreach Management, HUD Section, Workforce, Vendor Access, and System Alerts and Administration. Our approach to service delivery and implementation effectiveness is based on flexible platform, data integration, internal and external user friendliness, ease of implementation, timely report generation, and exemplary post-implementation support.

We look forward to presenting our online demo to you and your team! Please let us know your availability so that we can coordinate our schedules accordingly. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at

Click on the registration link below and we’ll follow up shortly


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