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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

PowerAmp Coaching Live Event

Let's talk about it...

Join us to learn how PowerAmp™ Coaching can amplify your organizational results.

Are you struggling with optimizing your talent to advance your most critical initiatives today and build a stronger tomorrow?

Are you having difficulty identifying who will have the greatest potential for success in development?

Most organizations are, and that is why Greene and Associates, Inc. and Career Partners International Austin with LeaderAmp are proud to launch PowerAmp™ Coaching. This approach of combining professional coaching amplified by technology gives organizations an opportunity to provide coaching at a financial investment that is scalable enterprise-wide.

Highlights include:

· 24/7 – 365 Accessibility for Clients and Participants

· Configurable with customized content to provide a look, feel, and messaging familiar to your team

· Scalable to meet the demands of organizations of all sizes in any location. From teams of 10 to groups of over 1000, PowerAmp™ Coaching delivers high quality professional development to any size company

· Scientifically proven and validated methodology ensures that all activities are grounded in logic and result in marked improvements

· Supports DEI Strategy

· Cutting edge artificial intelligence gives each participant daily guidance to continue improving

· Engage first - time and middle managers along with high potentials

· 18 Dimensions of Development allow participants to identify and target those areas that will most markedly improve their performance


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