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Webinar - Optimizing your Organization’s Culture

Updated: Mar 2, 2021


The Key to Your Success is simple! Equal focus on strategy and culture. Studies reveal a direct correlation between Organizational Performance and what we will refer to as Organizational Health (culture). Healthy Cultures enable organizations to adapt. In a world where the one constant is change, culture becomes even more important because organizations with high-performing cultures thrive on change. The converse also holds true: Unhealthy cultures do not respond well to change The McKinsey research shows that 70 percent of transformations fail, and 70 percent of those failures are due to culture-related issues. Now more than ever; change management is critical.

A Healthy Culture is one that enhances performance. Performance (PEC) enhancing cultures; cultures that outperform others are intentional about creating positive working environments and ensuring they are adaptive to change.

We firmly recognize the fine balance between financial and human capital management coupled with the benefits of achieving organizational alignment.

Career Partners International – Austin and The Edge Advisory Group bring together the best of all worlds; Talent, Experience, Best Practices and most importantly, the FRAMEWORK to support our clients in creating Organizational Alignment and achieving Optimal Performance.

If you’re interested in improving your organization’s performance, please join us on March 25th at 9-10:30am CDT for our “Optimizing Your Organization’s Culture” webinar.

The discussion will address:

1. The business case

2. The impact of leaders on culture

3. The role of others, and

4. How to build and maintain the framework for organizational alignment.

Space is limited - RSVP Today

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