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Join Our Executive Leadership Forum - Building Transformational Leaders through Leadership Coaching

What if you could increase your company’s bottom line by 30%?

It is well-known that the greatest influencers of an organization’s culture are its leaders: studies show that leadership behavior impacts bottom-line performance by up to 30%. If, instead of only coaching an individual leader to improve their own performance, coaching skills are leveraged to create a transformational leadership style and taught to leaders, the organization will achieve a maximum return on their investment in coaching.

A “Transformational Leader” is a leader who can engage and inspire by using transformational soft skills that create high performance in themselves, their teams and the entire organization. Transformational Leaders are the leaders of tomorrow that will enable their organizations to rise to the complexity and multiple challenges of today’s business world.

On December 8th at 9:00 -10:30am, Greene & Associates, Inc. /CPI Firm and Career Partners International – Austin will host an exciting and insightful discussion on Building Transformational Leaders through Leadership Coaching”. This virtual program is part of our Executive Leadership Webinar Series that spotlights key executives discussing relevant and pressing topics that impact organizations.

Some of the questions we’ll address are:

· What does transformational leadership look like for the leader, the team member’s and the organization?

· What are best practices that can be integrated into the entire culture shaping of an organization?

· How do we sustain the culture of a learning organization that embraces the leader-coach principle?

· How does Emotional Intelligence impact our ability to lead?

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