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Executive Leadership Forum - Global Smarts for Executives

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Global Smarts – Past, Present and Future.

We used to hop on a plane and see our global partners, now we hop onto Zoom – to develop business. How we show up is paramount as a Global Executive leader. Businesses are continuing to ask questions to ensure that they have a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Organizations - small, mid-size and large, ask some of the following questions:

· What is imperative to our world of business as we lead?

· What do we need to know?

· How do organizations prepare current and future global leaders in the midst of continuous change?

Through research and best practices, one book stands out: Global Leadership - The Next Generation.

Five characteristics of Global Leaders emerged and they include:

· Thinking Globally

· Appreciating Cultural Diversity

· Developing Technological Savvy

· Building Partnerships and Alliances

· Sharing Leadership

Watch us for an insightful conversation with Global Leaders who practice the principles and will share their experiences of moving through their careers, working with diverse organizations, and embracing the school of hard knocks. You will find that an inclusive approach to serving as a Global Leader is paramount.

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