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At Career Partners International - Austin, we provide a comprehensive range of proven leadership development programs to improve communication, performance, engagement, commitment, accountability and trust. As a result, your organization achieves technical, cultural and managerial alignment from your workforce.

Each CPI leadership development program is tailored to your specific needs for optimal relevancy, impact and sustainability. Participants acquire the ability to navigate strategic and cultural changes, creating a transparent, respectful, accountable and growth- oriented environment for both employees and leaders along with the strategic intent to develop future leaders.

“A good leadership development program can elevate the capability of leaders who have been in their roles for just one to two years to a level comparable to leaders who have been in their roles 10 years or more.”

– The Conference Board and Development Dimensions International

  “44% of managers say they felt unprepared for their role; 87% of front-line supervisors wished they had more training before becoming a  manager.”


– Grovo’s 2016 Research Study on the State of Management Development

Leadership development goals

  • Alignment with goals, styles and culture

  • Build brand and customer experience

  • Delivering new products or services

  • Improving cost containment, operational efficiency and profitability

  • Managing a multicultural, multi-generational and virtual workforce

  • Develop ability to verbally inform, persuade and motivate

  • Improving customer loyalty and retention


Leadership Team Building and Development


High performance teams share common objectives, commitment, accountability and trust, skills which should be developed by design, not chance. By collaborating with Career Partners International, organizations can strategically align people and business strategies through an outcomes-based approach, summarized below.


Data gathering and diagnostic assessments

  • Tools backed by 40 years of research on team effectiveness

  • Determining current state of team leadership

  • Clarifying goals, purpose, culture, conflicts and communication

  • Helping assess, define and develop team leadership benchmarks

  • Identifying metrics and milestones for team success

  • Providing a clear plan for accomplishment of outcomes


Team leadership sessions

  • Develops a team-based mindset, shared ownership and accountability

  • Builds collaboration on strategic solutions

  • Addresses issues as a united body

  • Increases communication and trust

  • Produces management reports of session successes 


Individual and team follow-ups

  • Determines methods for leveraging successes throughout organization

  • Implements ongoing team follow-ups to ensure long-term success

  • Identifies opportunities for further team and individual development

High Potential Leadership Coaching

Emerging leaders, sometimes referred to as “high potentials,” live in the top 3-5% of an organization. Known for their drive, learning agility and capacity, innovative focus and social intelligence, high potential employees thrive on expanding their contributions with every assignment. Companies that invest in developing these leaders reap the benefits for organizational success and improved employee retention.


Development of high potential leaders focuses on:

  • Adaptability and resilience

  • Amplified self-awareness and learning agility

  • Communicating for influence

  • Effectively collaborating to spark innovation

  • Navigating through business turbulence

  • Harnessing strategic thinking and creativity

  • Leveraging skills in one area towards a broader role

  • Becoming a transformational leader

  • Increased scope of leadership ability

    • Personal leadership

    • Team leadership

    • Organizational leadership

    • Strategic leaders

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