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Accelerating the impact of leaders.

Executive Coaching helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to the organization.

All leaders face moments when the talents and capacities that made them successful in the past are no longer adequate. Taking on a new or more senior role, managing a new initiative and leading change in the organization all require growth in new directions. Often this calls for both new skills and new ways of thinking.


CPI Austin’s coaching process is tailored to individual needs, challenges and objectives. At the start of each engagement, we get the lay of the land via 360° assessments. We work together with the leader to set goals, identify measures of success and build a customized development plan for getting there. Our objective is to zero in on the issue that will generate the biggest win and rapidly dive into it.


Through a one-on-one, confidential relationship with one of our supportive leadership experts, executives build awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and develop new strategies, outlooks and skills so they can tackle challenges that they have not faced before. The CPI Austin Coaching Team provides a rare and valuable opportunity for leaders to gain fresh insights and experiment with new ways of thinking and acting that will take them to the next level of performance.

Executive Coaching Philosophy 


Successful organizations recognize the advantage of ongoing development for leaders and the benefits of providing situational coaching during times of organizational need. Forward thinking organizations use coaching as a core component of their leadership development strategies, aimed at exceeding business goals. We help today’s leaders develop and master the skills and behaviors required to navigate complex, ever-changing work environments. Our success in helping leaders achieve their goals stems from an emphasis on providing meaningful executive coaching services that meet the unique circumstances and needs of each organization.


We design measurable and meaningful coaching solutions, sensitive to both the leader’s and the organization’s goals and objectives. Our coaching philosophy emphasizes strengths and is not prescriptive. We support a collaborative process of equipping leaders with tools, knowledge, and opportunities. Our goal is to coach leaders to enhance behaviors and shift their mindset to become even more effective.


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We believe that institutional buyers and sponsors should expect to experience a number of key areas of alignment, rigor and accountability when working with a high quality executive coaching organization.


CPI has built our practice on these principles:

  • Shared values

  • Outcomes-focused

  • Alignment with financial, operating and human relationship goals

  • Single point of contact with full responsibility for the portfolio of consulting engagements

  • Rigorous coach selection

  • Uniform coaching framework for consistent excellence

  • Agreement on milestones and outcomes


We partner with you to develop a customized approach to enhance the effectiveness of your team!

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