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Interim HR Staffing

Interim HR support offers capacity, capability, and continuity.

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Interim HR staffing provides scalable, just-in-time support to meet critical business needs. When someone is out on a leave of absence, the critical responsibilities of the role still need to be handled.


If there is turnover, especially at the senior levels, it often takes longer than expected to fill the position and quality coverage is needed during the gap. Other times, organizations need a skilled HR professional to handle a special project or provide specific expertise. Interim HR staffing is a great way to efficiently and effectively address each of these situations.

Flexible and Scalable HR Support

Organizations of all sizes across a multitude of industries turn to CPI Austin to augment their Human Resources function, cover an interim HR consulting need, or to support completion of a project or initiative. Our HR consultants have broad experience and deep expertise. They are ready to assume any level of human resources temp job responsibilities and deliver on HR initiatives. Support can be scaled from a few hours per month to full-time, on-site support.

CPI Austin’s flexible workforce model allows us to easily design and execute a customized, interim HR consulting solution for organizations of any size, at any stage of growth.


Our interim HR staffing is ideal when you need a human resources professional to:

  • Fill-in for an employee on leave

  • Cover vacant positions until filled

  • Lead or support a specific project

  • Augment your current HR staff during a busy period

  • Set up the human resources function for start-up

  • Human Resources Consulting Services

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Need immediate, interim, or project based Human Resource support?


Whatever your need, CPI Austin has readily available, experienced HR Consultants that can step in to provide immediate, scalable support for any human resources temp job. Contact us today.

Contact Us for a Complimentary Confidential Consultation

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