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Executive Career

The decision to make a career transition while in a senior role can be a difficult one for executives to make. Job searches are universally tough, but there’s something about being at the top that can make the process even more uncomfortable and with even higher stakes to boot. The actual decision to transition to a new company is only half the battle, though. Successfully making the transition itself is the other half. While your experience at the top of the corporate ladder has equipped you to tackle challenges specific to your line of work, there are a number of things that even the most seasoned executives struggle with when seeking to move into a new role. 

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Career Partners International - Austin offers expert career coaching for senior-level executives searching for a job or considering a career change. Our Executive Career Transition program provides the tools and guidance needed to conduct a successful transition to the next phase of your career. Customized to fit your specific needs, you receive one-on-one consulting with a dedicated senior-level career transition consultant, educational seminars, group coaching, and networking sessions. We partner with you to confidentially provide crucial feedback, strategy and support. You also gain Momentum™, our proprietary technology, with access to critical online tools and resources until you have achieved your career objective.


  • Hands-on, highly customized process focuses on action and accountability

  • Offers an alternative to traditional outplacement firms, featuring a comprehensive, personalized strategy unique to the executive

  • Focuses exclusively on senior-level executives, with services to accommodate their complex needs in different career stages

  • Provides sound coaching and career advice based on extensive experience in executive search and executive outplacement

  • Introductions to influential executives in targeted industries

  • Helps each candidate develop a career strategy that takes him or her beyond the next position, based on long-term goals

  • Increases effectiveness of newly appointed leaders or leaders assuming expanded roles


If you are looking to find a new career or you are in a career transition, we would welcome a confidential consultation! The CPI-Austin Executive Career Transition program can be customized to meet varying price points without compromising service levels! 

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 Today’s most successful companies actively recognize that people are their most important asset, brand advocates and sources for attracting new talent.


Today’s most successful companies actively recognize that people are their most important asset, brand advocates and sources for attracting new talent.


When consolidations, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions affect your workforce, choose the best value in an outplacement partner. Career Partners International – Austin ensures positive outcomes for your brand reputation, departing employees, workforce productivity, engagement and morale.

As a global industry leader and trusted advisor, Career Partners International (CPI) shares your people-centered approach to business. We provide comprehensive outplacement services in the strictest confidence with integrity, transparency, compassion and respect for all individuals. Working together, we help your people remain your brand advocates, regardless of their career direction.


Job loss is one of the top 10 most stressful life events. The immediate impact on the employee and family can be very real and the long-term impact of extended job loss can be even more significant.

Given the serious impact of job loss and the rapidly changing environment of job search, progressive organizations of all sizes provide displaced employees with outplacement services or career transition services.

Outplacement counseling empowers your organization’s transitioning employees to take the next steps in their careers. At the same time, these career transition services mitigate risk and protect your company’s brand.

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Providing expirience and expertise in Career Transition

Each individual’s career transition is a unique journey.


Clients trust Career Partners International Austin to provide a portfolio of outplacement service offerings designed to provide appropriate career coaching and transition support for employees at all levels and tenure. We provide a wide array of outplacement services and personalized consulting to position individuals for future success as they transition to new jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, or active retirement.


Our programs are designed to provide outplacement counseling and support to individuals as they initiate, maintain, and successfully conclude an intensive job-search effort.


We lead the participant through a structured yet flexible process that achieves results:

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The CPI Difference

  • Participant-centered from start to finish

  • Global coverage provided through the best local market leaders

  • Personalized programs aligned with your needs

  • Highly-responsive, dedicated local account managers

  • Certified career coaches with the industry’s best coach-to-participant ratio

  • Comprehensive, mobile-friendly participant tools, accessible anytime/anywhere/any device

  • The industry’s fastest program to re-employment

  • The industry’s best services for receiving job offers at equal/greater compensation

  • The industry’s highest satisfaction rating

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PowerMyCareer® Online Solutions

The Support Employees Need To

Transition To The Career They Want

Reskill Exiting


Access 350 e-learning courses and certifications designed to provide transitioning employees with the resources needed to achieve their career aspirations faster than ever.

100% Virtual & Available 24/7

Designed to help transitioning employees quickly create a personal brand, identify and attract new opportunities, and land in their next role no matter where they are.

Available Until Participants Land a Job

With over 30 years of experience around the globe, Career Partners International gets those in transition back to work quickly in positions that are right for them.

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Navigating Uncertainty Requires

a New Playbook 


The working world is in a constant state of flux. Methods to secure new career paths that may have been successful only a few short months ago may not be optimally effective today. PowerMyCareer OS is designed to help transitioning employees quickly create a personal brand, identify and attract new opportunities, and land in their next role no matter where they are.

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Providing career transition support to exiting employees protects employer reputations

while maintaining the morale and engagement of remaining workers.

PowerMyCareer OS is designed to give exiting employees, at any level, the outplacement

assistance they need to move forward in their careers.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 3.52.36 PM.png
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How to Get Started

We help companies provide career transition support to exiting employees. Protect your employer reputation while maintaining the morale and engagement of remaining workers

1. Call Us



Schedule a complimentary confidential

consultation to discuss you outplacement needs.

2. Receive a customized outplacement plan.


Schedule a complimentary confidential

consultation to discuss you outplacement needs.

2. Transition your laid-off employees to new jobs


Let PowerMyCareer and our career experts help your laid-off employees identify new opportunities in the shortest amount of time so they can land their next job faster

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 Ensuring a Succesful Retirement Transition

Retirement Transition

Demographics in the U.S. and other developed nations point to an aging population as varied as the general workforce.

Some choose traditional retirement paths while others seek options allowing them to remain engaged and involved with their careers. Employees are remaining with their organizations longer and rarely plan for disengagement and how to transition to retirement. This lack in retirement transition planning is leaving a void in workforce planning, impacting succession and critical knowledge transfer, not to mention employee engagement and organizational performance.

  • By 2024, 1 in 4 U.S. workers will be age 55 or older…up from 11% in 2000… by 2030, 1 in 5 U.S. workers will be 65+

  • 83% of companies report having a significant number of employees at or approaching retirement age (Deloitte, 2018)

CPI Austin’s Retirement Transition Planning helps employees in the aging workforce prepare for retirement so they can enjoy the next chapters of their lives while it helps employers prepare for a changing workforce. Retirement transition marries the need for workforce and retirement planning with employees’ need to think about next steps. By engaging employees and the organization in a meaningful conversation, we promote the dialogue and planning that drives better outcomes for all.

We help organizations honor the legacy and contributions of the aging workforce while also preparing them for retirement and the organization for transition. Our programs and methodology ensure that late-stage career employees will feel valued for their work and supported in their journey, while the organization can more effectively address succession planning, knowledge transfer and continuity.

For over thirty years, the CPI Consulting team has been helping small, mid-sized, and large companies manage older workers and providing helpful and effective services that help make the transition to retirement easier for both the employee and the organization. Contact us today to learn how our team can help your employees successfully prepare for retirement.

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Retirement transition planning and coaching support


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